I should be a blonde..well at least for today

I am a very dark brunette, I come by it naturally. I tried going for blonde highlights 5 years ago and instead got very yellow hair, they would have been highlights on say a goriila, but since I am not a gorilla I had almost an entire yellow head. Yellow is not my best color.  So the lesson was no more Vidal Sasson at home.  Pay someone who has been trained to color hair. So today is here and I should have consulted with someone trained in physics, science, laws of inertia and energy etc… (I never took much more than biology cuz sceince and I do not get along) OK, back to the story… today was a physical reminder that sceince and I do not work well together.

So training for a half marathon in Feb. Training has been going GREAT! Then the hubby has to travel and I have to rework my schedule for this week so I can get in my running on days he is home or where I have just one child in the mornings.  No worries, piece of cake, right?! I spent an hour on reworking my schedule to work out with the traveling and all was well. Then the hubby got delayed in the SJ airport after having been flying home when the plane had to be turned around for an emergency landing back in SJ due to an engine failure.  AAGGH!!! But all is well he is safe… but that meant he got home about 6 hours later than planned so I did not get the long run in last night sans kids…

Well I wasn’t gonna sweat it the girls have school and so I will run after school drop off and just have the baby in the jogger and life is good. Ok here comes the blonde part. The following is my thought process. OK baby in jogger, baby weighs maybe 20 pounds, jogger is lite, I run forward so naturally my forward motion causes jogger to go forward so there is no extra work involved. (See I run before the sun wakes up and all the kids and hubby are still in lala land…I have only walked with stroller and that’s so easy.) So I bundle up and strap in baby and take off… well I was moving but I felt like I was not running. Then I don’t even get a mile before I have to walk. (Now to me walking is complete failure… even if I have not run in a year due to preganncy, sickness, giving birth, etc… I will run 2 miles non stop my first day back..I only walk when I say “oh i feel like taking a nice alk this evening) So to my utter confusion I am so perplexed at why I cannot seem to continue to go forward…why I feel like have not run EVER and why my legs are working so hard…but I press on. Then I get to the 1.5 mile marker and call for encouragement… call hubby but he is playing golf (why I have baby in jogger) then i try my sis and have her pretend she is an avid runner and my trainer… she suggests going on is better than going back… so I press on….

Then i make it to the 2.5 mile marker and time to turn around when hubby calls… confess in a stream of I am such a failure I cannot run today and I don’t know why and why the heck is my front wheel on the stroller not swiveling when it is suppose to swivel??? Then that’s when my blondeness is exposed and I get my lesson in phsyics, energy yada yada yada… well there it was pushing a stroller is work d’uh! Hubby said I might have well put on a 25-30 pound pack on my back and then run 5 miles. So there it was I was doing work… more work than use to while running and it was hard.. a nice, long hard strength training that lasted 5 miles but on the bright side with the walking I did it only added 13 mihnutes to my time…so I figure although I may have been a dumb blonde today i still kicked some butt on my workout… so hubby figures I did the same work as I would have if I ran 7-8 miles. GO ME, GO ME….


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