So excited I almost cried…

I heard the theme song from Rocky!!

So as you know I am training for a marathon in Feb. I am only doing the half this year, 13.1 miles. This will be my first but I am still nursing so just doing the half… after feb. I will work up to th full marathon all 26.2 miles and hope to do it in 2008.

All that said, I ran 6 miles on Saturday and it felt GREAT! It was easy, I was so surprising myself..it really felt easy. I could have gone on and on like Forrest Gump.  I even did sprinting interevals throughout the 6 mile run had to stop at one long red light but all included I finsihed in 66 minutes. I was so proud of myself, how I felt, my sprinting that I got so excited I was tearing up. Probably could have cried but was needing to focus on breathing and that’s when I heard it… I heard the Rocky Theme Song playing so loud I could have sworn someone was right next to me with their boom box.

No, I am not crazy just addicted to running like crazy…. I have always run since Jr. High it is the greatest thing and I am so siked about my marathon!! Image



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