Happy 2007

2006 is gone and here we are in 2007.

Today does not feel any different than the days before. I do not do resolutions anymore, for me to make changes for each new year just brings disappointment. Do many really follow through with their resolutions or do they just die in the days and months to come?

Instead I just make a few other lists to go by throughout life. Life Goals, To do before I die, and then the basic To Do list. This year we will probably be doing more of a To Do list. With having a new house and a list of things we want to do to our new house I see that dictating how we shop, how we fill our weekends and which dreams come true this year.

But if that sounds boring to some, well that is just sad. Because at the end of our 2007 we will be able to sit back and see our accomplishments. As of now I am not all to sure which ones we will be enjoying but the list includes a play-scape for our 3 wonderful kiddos, a deck with an outdoor kitchen and a hot tub, new paint colors in our house, maybe a new fridge and counter tops, paying off some bills we have work hard towards and sacrificed for… and the one I know we will get to enjoy in the every near future will be living room curtains and new couch pillows.

I am excited about what new things will be enjoyed and appreciated in our home and family because these things will be the things we work hard for, we sweated for and or other loved ones did for us. So a year from now I know I will be sitting in our home surrounded by loved ones enjoying some of those life accomplishments and not looking back with regret or dissapointment with those new years resolutions that lasted for a few days or weeks.

So Happy New Year and may you find a way to make a memorable and fulfilled 2007 all year long.


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