5 days and counting…

My training is complete. We will see how it pays off for me in a few days.

This week is busy with 2 short runs, lots of stretching and resting (well as much as I can with 3 kids all 5 and under) a carb loading weekend and hydration, hydration, hydration. I am trying to drown in water… drinking it that is… I have had hydration issues my past 2 long runs and it has not felt good so the goal is to pee clear pee all week.

I hope to be tired on Saturday so when I go o bed at 8 PM or earlier I can fall asleep quickly and awake easily, not nervously, at 3:30 Sunday morning.

My focus is to keep my focus and remain calm and relaxed at the start line in order to start at a good even pace…may the adrenalin not get the best of me too quickly but kick in from mile 10 to mile 13.1


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