Moms day and all the days after…

I was out of town for Mother\’s Day. I was able to be with my mom, grandma and sister that day along with nieces, my brother and dad. My brother got his Master\’s Degree that weekend so I took Josh along with me to join in all the festivites.

I got home late on that Sunday night and was wonderfully surprised by the love of my family. My girls did allthe artwork in the picture above. I also came home to a table full of cards and gifts and homemade chocolate chip cookies. YUMMY! And flowers arrived a few days later and my honey took me to dinner. It was a great week this past week. I still have not taken down the signs and pictures. I think I may keep them up until the \”Not a surprise anymore Surprise party\” for Jason. Yeah, he figured it out. BUT, I still have a few surprises to shower him with.

Well I have painted 90% of the kitchen and dinning area. Can\’t get behind the fridge and china cabinet. No sense in moving it until Jason can do the trim work. Other than that party planning is filling up my time. We have been busy around here but not with meaningless stuff.

So much to do to prepare for school to be out, vacations in June and July, parties to plan and birthdays to celebrate. Plus Taylor is learning to ride her bike without training wheels, and Joshua likes to walk around the house. He is still in the very begining stages of walking and gets tired quickly, but he can do pretty good when he his holding on to us with both hands.

As you can see with each new day we have new beginings and we are oh so thankful for all of them.


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