Just use the small needle please!

After having my blood taken way too many times to count due to different reasons and through 4 pregnancies I am very aware that I have small veins that do not like to rise to the occasion. My veins have never been easy to see or stick so I have learned to tell the nurse before she even starts that it will be difficult to get a vein. None of them have really ever believed me, I am sure they say to themselves “what does she know, I do this for a living”. Due to this I have had several visits were I have had both arms stuck several times and none leading to blood flow. I had a nurse who tied the rubber band so tight my entire arm, hand and fingers were numb for far too long. You know the kind of numb where you turn blue and once the blood starts to flow you would rather cut your arm off it hurts so bad.

So, today I had to go get more blood drawn and like always I tell the nurse my veins will not come up easily. Well she tries and says with a surprised tone “wow, you are right” D’ah! Anyway she then proceeds to use a big needle, not big in length but in width. If you are to look closely the needle is wider than my vein….so as to her surprise the blood was not coming out until she pulled out the needle… yay, I had a big whole in my vein.

Finally she decides to use the smallest needle on me. THANK YOU! But the bad news is that she could not get anything from my other arm (the arm I have never been able to get blood out of) So what does she do… yes you guessed it we go back to the arm she poked the big needle in. And did I mention I only have one vein in one arm that has ever been successful and that vein was the one she used the big needle on? Yes, I sat there knowing what she would have to do before she figured it out…re-poke that vein in the same spot. That hurts quite a bit in case you did not know.

But this time was successful although painful. Through all her apologies she started to go on about how she does not like to use the small needles because it takes longer due to the size and the fact that the blood has to travel slowly through the little hose before it gets to the tube…but if I could use a big one it would be fast.

Well thank you for that BUT in case you, ms. nurse, did not notice the big needles are bigger than my veins!!!!

What a morning and all of that on an empty stomach and no coffee.

Hopefully all the frustration and pain will pay off and I will have some sort of condition. Yes, I am hoping for something to be wrong with me that would explain why I cannot loose weight even though I have given up sweets, cokes, a lot of carbs, while I run 3-4 days/week, see a trainer 2 days a week, only drink water. Plus I need to know why I am so tired and fatigued when I eat right, go to bed at 9 PM, and exercise. I just need something to tell me that my hard work and sacrifices are for nothing. I don’t feel like this everyday, most days I have a better attitude but I have been so moody and tired lately this is my general feeling. So the hope is I will be like my mother and 2 sisters and have a thyroid condition. That I could get a lil pill to get my hormones and metabolism back in proper working order. Will keep you posted…won’t have results till middle of the week.


2 Responses to “Just use the small needle please!”

  1. 1 Meg
    May 25, 2007 at 10:16 PM

    you probably do have a thyroid condition…i think all the females on mom’s side of the family do 🙂

    the fun part about it is that every so often, they make you come back in to do more bloodwork so they can check your levels to ensure you’re on the right dosage. and i recommend that if that *is* the problem that you ask to see where your TSH levels are now and when they do the follow-up bloodwork…if it’s really bad (like mine was) it’ll be up near 5 or so…you’ll want it down in the 2-3 range or so…webmd.com has lots of wonderful information on it all 🙂

  2. 2 Anonymous
    June 14, 2007 at 7:20 AM

    So…what were the results? Do you have a thyroid condition or some other wonderful condition for which you can take a pill, lose weight, have lots of energy, be happy all the time, and quit having to exercise and eat right? I so want that condition and that pill!! Unfortunately, I’ve had mine checked a few times, and I always get a good report. But I REALLY DO NEED the magic pill!!!! So…what’d the doc say? I can’t be jealous if you don’t tell me!!

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