Same song, verse 2

There she is my soon to be 6 year old, but it feels likes she will soon be 18. She is so ready to take control, make her own choices, do as she pleases and do it all with confidence, determination and will power. She has a strong maternal instinct in her but she has yet to harness it. Being bossy is what she does, yet, she loves to do for others. If ask her to clean her room or put away her clothes we get an attitude… but if we ask her to help her sister or brother, do a few \”grown up\” chores she comes running ready to serve others.

Let\’s talk about attitude, she is a mini me and I don\’t like that. I know I can have an attitude like nobody\’s business and be stubborn. But I don\’t like seeing this in my own children because I know the heartache and frustration that lies before them. And, frankly, it is unpleasant. (Yes, babe, I did admit my faults and know I am a pain at times). However, we all want our kids to inherit our best qualities and we pray they do not get the bad. Seeing as how that choice is not mine to make I am learning daily how to tailor the not so good stuff in her and make it a bit softer and pleasing.

All this to say that my first born will choose to do as she wishes despite the outcome, mainly due to impatience (another trait she got from mommy). So when she decided that she no longer wanted to grow out her bangs she chose to take it upon herself to make them short again. No need to tell mommy or daddy so we could make her a hair appointment… why waste the time and energy when she has her own scissors? And here we are today with \”baby bangs\” or \”pilgrim bangs\” whatever you call them they are shorter than we prefer, but it is only hair and thank God is grows back.

I was more disappointed that she cut her bangs than upset. Daddy more in the upset side since he loves long hair. But this is not the first time we have had to deal with Taylor cutting hair. 18 months ago while I was in the throws of my second trimester with Joshua, Taylor chose to climb up the workbench in the garage, take the scissors off the wall and chop Hannah\’s hair off at the ponytail. Due to all my hormones, fatigue and down right horror of the situation I went ballistic. I cried, screamed and threw one big adult hissy fit on my girls. I was utterly heart broken that the hair she chose to chop off was not her own but that it was her sisters long, blond curly locks. My kids did not get my curly hair…I wanted them to have it so bad… but no, we just got a few curly locks on Hannah and that is what lay in the play dump truck in the garage. I have them in a bag I look at every know and then.

So we thought our kids would have a deathly fear of scissors after that entire incident. It lasted for a few days… as I had to take her to get her hair fixed. Audra, our stylist has watched my girls grow up and I had been with her since I was pregnant with Taylor so as she had to cut of a lot of hair she and the entire salon cried with me.

Yet, Monday night at the dinner table here we were again… lesson not learned and having to make another emergency hair appointment. I do pray that there will not be a verse #3 in the hair vs. scissors saga. To help ensure that we have confiscated and removed all scissors, they are banned in our home.


1 Response to “Same song, verse 2”

  1. 1 Em
    May 30, 2007 at 1:27 PM

    ya’ll relax!!! I think it looks great!!! I don’t even think it looks pilgrim-ish!!!

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