Updates galore!

It has been 2 weeks and I have not put my fingers to the keyboard to blog. So for all those who are saying I need to blog more here ya go! 🙂

Let’s see… according to my blood work I am so normal. Darn it! But I go see my doc tomorrow morning and am going to chat about doing more tests and see where that goes. All I know is that I am not myself and I have symptoms of something and I am SO ready to figure it out and move forward. I just hope that my doc will hear me and realize this is an issue even though I am a new patient. Due to lack of history with her I am not sure what to expect. I just don’t want to be blown off and have to get bithcy. I just know there is a reason for not losing weight, erratic sleep patterns, anxiety, and low sex drive. OK maybe too personal for a blog…oh heck it is my blog I can do as I wish.

So the last 2 weeks have been busy, busy, busy. On June 3 my sister and her family came to stay a week…June 4 my lil brother came for a week, June 8 my parents flew in… June 9 was the BIG Surprise 40th for my hubby. I cooked for it, we had about 45 guests several from out of town and we had a great time! I have spent days and nights taking fam here and there and doing this or that. I leave Saturday with the 3 kiddos and 2 dogs to go to Mississippi for 2 weeks while J is traveling the world. (I have requested he bring back shoes for me….) He will be going to Europe…I so want to go again.

My trainer took all my body measurements on Tuesday. Good thing I was having a good day anyway… although I did tell her this could cause me to drink heavily. And, yes those numbers are way to personal for you so I will keep them to myself.

Oh and I spent Sunday with our beach house friends planning our week of fun in the sun. So excited about that. We will have country themed/inspired days to plan our cooking. I drew Mexico, southern comfort food, Greece and Lighten it up. We are planning on family competitions and a trophy is the prize. Should be great we are all highly competitive. This is hopefully the first of many years of doing a vacation together.

Hubby and my dad are building the first phase of our deck this week. Super happy about that. I have been taking pictures of the whole process. Due to all the heat I think they both will loose tons of weight.

Well I think this will catch you up but then again I do have short term memory issues…

happy Thursday to you!!


3 Responses to “Updates galore!”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    June 14, 2007 at 10:38 AM

    I’m so sorry that you didn’t get back low thyroid results. I can tell you that I have ALL of the same symptoms that you have, and my psych just raised my meds again. Let me know if you find out the answer. I would be so excited (as would my family – especially my husband!!)

    It could be that you’re overwhelmed with too much family and placing too many demands on yourself – just an idea! Either way, I’m excited that you get to go to the beach – not excited that I don’t! Thank you so much for posting. I need to live vicariously through other people!!

    By the way, all of these symptoms could be that you’re nearing 40 – are you?? 40 was the downward spiral for me and everyone else I know!! Fun things to look forward to!

  2. 2 Em
    June 14, 2007 at 11:43 AM

    what? you couldn’t include any pictures of the beautiful kitchen window seats??????

  3. 3 Anonymous
    June 14, 2007 at 11:52 AM

    see short term memory issues again… when I left this morning I knew I info for my post… thanks for reminding!!

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