My Resume

I read an article today that inspired me to write out some the new skills I have learned over the past 6 six years.

Excellent at multitasking: Able to eat a healthy lunch, teach a one year old how to walk, supervise art time for 2 active and highly creative children while touching up newly painted walls.

Top researcher in the field: Distinguishes the difference from an original Hannah print and the abstract work of Joshua in all forms of art media. Understands that the need to provide the adequate and historical findings on how to be a princess or a cowboy with the readiness and flexibility to change genres in an instant.

Pays close attention to detail: Top priority when a temper tantrum can occur if the “employees” are in the midst of a top secret princess day or super hero rescue and not addressed properly.

Works well under pressure: Able to enthusiastically read stories with a variety of character voices during an emotional meltdown of a one year old.

Excellent customer service skills: Who else can answer the question “why?” over 1ooo times a day with a smile?

Team manager: Capable to shower, apply make-up, style hair, feed self, dress, style hair and feed 3 others in an hour or less of departure times to play groups, doctor visits and grocery runs.

Willing to grow in current areas as well as learn new skills: Absolutely! Cleaning poop, electric blue toothpaste and and stickers of walls, chairs, towels and other surfaces areas before it is reapplied is a new skill.


Entry level certificate awarded on 7-23-2001 after completion of required nursing and cleaning level 2 certificate awarded on 1-18-2003. Over a 3 year period training skills were acquired and patience levels tested. Due to the hard work and expertise in a the new skills level 3 certificate was awarded on 3-21-2006. I feel I have reached my potential at the current level and hope to maximize my efficiency here and perfect the requirements necessary to maintain a level 3 status through out my career until I can enjoy the benefits in retirement and pass on my skills to my current employees.


My goal is to make it to the grandma stage in one piece, in a sane mind, with little to no drugs necessary all while still being full if life and enthusiasm.

To see daily the fruits of my labor and know nothing I have done has been in vain.

For affirmation from my offspring that is filled with love, respect and happiness.

To know that at the end of my life all is well with my family and to see that they have chosen the high roads in life full of grace, mercy, compassion and love.


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