June 6, 2005

That was a great birthday…it was J’s 38th bday.

I rented one of his favorite cars… he’d love to have one….

I had some of our favorite music in the CD player, packed a picnic and we drove, we drove all over the place, we drove fast, we just drove. It was such a fun and relaxing day, I have not had one so nice since. Well one that I felt as I did that day. The weather was perfect and all seemed right in the world.

We had dinner at our all time fav restaurant in CA. Then we drove some more. Drove through the mountains taking side roads and not caring if we got lost… we drove with the top down all night… it was cold but the seat warmers were great. It was thrilling, freeing and intoxicating.

We loved it and I loved seeing him have so much fun. It was a good day, a good day and a good drive.


J has been traveling since June 16… he won’t make it back till July 12. It has been a long trip. Usually trips are much shorter. I am missing him. Been sitting here tonight reminiscing on things in life and missing some things in life.


1 Response to “June 6, 2005”

  1. 1 Em
    July 7, 2007 at 7:06 AM

    5 more days….. hang in there!!! You can do it!!!

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