Doesn’t play well with others.

J got home last night. Today has been a loud day. All 3 kiddos are excited and so happy to see daddy again. I am excited to see him and excited the kids are so happy. Yet, our 2 girls compete with each other for his attention. They demand it every second, so our house is loud as they forget all their manners, inside voices and respecting others. Honestly, it gets on my nerves, I can’t take such loud volumes and not to mention my frustration when they do not listen when asked to speak quietly.

And then there is me… I crave his attention too. I want to have a conversation where we are not interrupted. My kids act as if I am the enemy who will take daddy away. Once they see us sitting together, talking or just being together the get in the middle. All of this is from my girls. My oldest is the worst, she has been so rude as to push myself or her little sister out of the way so she can have her “front seat” to daddy. We call her on it and she so acts as if she does not care.

J does a good job dealing with it and making one on one time for everyone but I know this behavior will last for a few days despite our actions or the consequences for bad behavior.

I was here first, I have been depleted too, I need J time and I don’t think I should have to “fight” my girls over it or that they should feel they deserve it more. I know this sounds selfish and probably cruel for a mom to say but when, if ever, will they put their manners into play and show some respect when things change. All can be fine and they will be great lil girls but once dad gets back it is hairy around here and I can’t handle the noise and the feelings that get thrown around.

This sounds worse than it probably is and I admit I am extremely tired and have had a headache all day but…

and here they are in the office smothering me with kisses. I do love them so very much. It is a hard day or two after J returns from a trip since we all have missed him and need him in our own way. I am thank full that my girls love him so much and that Joshua is so happy to have his wrestling buddy back. I suppose I just needed to vent.


2 Responses to “Doesn’t play well with others.”

  1. 1 Em
    July 12, 2007 at 7:42 PM

    sounds like return from deployment day for our house… not that we have had one of those in this millenium it seems…. I would just wait it out…. eventually the boys would find something else to do or would fall asleep… I would just wait it out look at Tony …. enjoy him just being in the house opposed to being in the Persian Gulf… they will get bored and they can’t stay awake 24 hours a day if you get my drift!!!!

  2. 2 Anonymous
    July 12, 2007 at 8:50 PM

    Re-entry is never easy! Fortunately, it only lasts a few days. Soon you’ll be packing for Paris anyway!!!

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