In a nutshell…

Life is crazy but I think we all know that.

I feel like I have been going 90 miles/minute. Next week things should slow down and I cannot wait. Why do I volunteer for things? Anyway, I know it is good of me to and I enjoy it but life has been a whirlwind and at those times I wonder why I do anything.

So I met with my friend, the licensed dietitian and nutritionist. I was a bit nervous chatting with her in detail since I had to take my food log to her but it went well. In her professional opinion I eat real healthy. Good to know, I knew I did but it feels different when someone who has a masters in that field confirms it for you. She does suggest a change from 2% milk to 1% and I got a good lesson on transfat… as an FYI if it says trans fat free it probably isn’t due to how the FDA says companies have to record things. No worries there I make my junk food (cookies, cakes etc) vs. buying it most of the time. I am however, not eating enough. Go figure. But it is another good thing to know. My days are unbalanced….meaning one day enough food, the next not enough or just a tad too much. So I have a plan to follow on what types of food to eat and when and how many servings of fruit, veggie, milk, carbs, sweets and fats to eat daily.

I am glad that the foods we eat are what is overall good for the heart, health and nutrition I need for all my activity. I am glad there is no need for an over haul in my kitchen. I like the fact that I am learning how to repair my body from the inside out… so since it works that way it may be about 3 months before I see any weight loss. My body has to repair all the other functions, cells etc before dropping weight. Since I was starving myself earlier and have not been eating enough it will work on the important repairs before letting anything go. That is fine with me since I would rather be very healthy and fit than just skinny.

Overall I am feeling really good about myself… I get the you are healthy and fit from the nutritionist and I am getting you are so strong and fit from my trainer. I still have one thing I hate which may never go away and that is the flab left from the kiddos. I am learning from my trainer and nutritionist that you will only loose so much and your stomach will only change some after kids and you cannot expect it to ever be what it was or close to it… that is a hard lesson and I am working on trying to be more positive about that. But in March I could feel better and look better than I do today. It is so good though that with the squishy middle I don’t like professionals still see me as a good, healthy, strong and fit person. In society some may not since I am not the model, thin person.

Let’s see what else is going on… school is still going great, Josh is clingy to me now more than ever. Which is fine I get more cuddles but when things have to get done it makes it hard.

So there is my life right now..been super busy lately…how is your life?


1 Response to “In a nutshell…”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    September 10, 2007 at 7:27 PM

    Work your butt off, then save up for a tummy tuck! You deserve it after birthing three babies!!!!

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