Doctors and tests and meds and leaving the country

So much has been going on the last few weeks I have had no time to blog. It is not that we have tons of exciting things going or we are that busy but we just have the day to day stuff happening with a few other unexpected things going on too.

The last week has felt exhausting. Taylor’s pediatrician requested we see a urologist so we spent 3 hours there last Wednesday. My brain was overloaded with so much info after-wards it hurt and I was a bit stressed from the process. Well she had an ultrasound there and she seems to have fluid on one of her kidneys. This is not good, so in a few weeks more tests will be done. In the meantime we have a strict routine from the doctor about her fluid in take and going potty every 2 hours. Long story short, her body is not functioning properly and her brain is not sending signals to her body that she has to go potty. So in short, it is like potty training all over again with tests and medicine included.

Then there is the dentist which we see in a few hours. She has no idea what is going to happen but she is excited about going. She loves the dentist. Luckily, she will be sedated but at $500/hour we pay the anesthesiologists and then we get to work with insurance to see if they will reimburse anything. I am so looking forward to that!

Hannah and Joshua are doing fine for now but Hannah will have to see the dentist again soon.

And then there is Paris. I am excited and cannot wait but there is so much to do. I have been having dreams I forget my passport…I think I am worried. Anyway, I have been working on writing down all the info my parents need while caring for the kiddos and dogs. So far it is 3 pages long. Plus my list on what to pack…last time I did not pack the right shoes which ending up screwing up dinner plans at the Eiffel Tower. The girls are excited to be going to Mimi’s and pawpaw’s, I am excited about my trip but sad because Joshua won’t understand and I will miss all his cuddles and love he gives me throughout the day. I know this can be good for him and blah, blah, blah, but I will still feel this way and probably cry.

And I won’t mention the vet visit on Friday to get more meds for the dogs and cost more than I want it to….


1 Response to “Doctors and tests and meds and leaving the country”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    October 23, 2007 at 7:08 PM

    Little Kitty has been fighting chronic urinary tract infections for 3+ years now. Let me know if you find a great solution. I’m sick of going to the doctor and hearing that there’s nothing wrong with her. There’s something wrong whether x-rays or ultrasounds or a VCG or anything else says there is. It’s not normal to have chronic urinary tract infections!

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