Sick & tired of being sick & tired

I know it is normal and I understand it is good to be so ill when pregnant. It is not my first time with this is my 5th, BUT I am so tired of the sick feeling all the time and I am so sick of being tired all the time.

I am not sleeping well at all. Like I need that on top of all the fatigue, I hate afternoons spent on the couch but that is all I can do lately. Nothing I eat tastes good or feels good, which makes it a dreadful task when you need to eat and prepare something. I have about 3 more weeks of the first trimester and the sickness if this pregnancy goes the way the others have; 12 weeks and I am done with the icky sick feelings.

I am thankful for these yucky feelings but I am so ready for them to go away.

It is driving me crazy being so drained and lethargic… there is not much I look forward to at the moment because it will either make me feel worse or make me so tired I cannot function. The house has gone to pot and I keep forgetting to call a service to get a quote and schedule them…laundry is over taking the downstairs. I can get it clean but it never leaves the basket once it is cleaned so everything is horribly wrinkled and makes our bedroom look like a complete disaster.

It is true what they say, the more kids you have the faster things happen. I have quite a belly, not a pooch but a belly. I just hope it does not mean I will get super big with this baby, it is however giving me nightmares about twins.

Well I feel a bit better (mentally anyway) now that I vented a lil bit…


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