How was your Christmas?

Our was interesting. We did have a good time.

We had 12 people and 6 dogs in our house for 4 days. Then the crowd started to dwindle on 12/26. Not only did we exchange gifts we exchanged illness\’s. Josh got a stomach virus on Thursday, 12/20. It hit J on Saturday and me Saturday night…by 12/26 5 others had a form of it but I think it got worse or we had a whole new germ in the house. My dad and brother got the worst of it…fever and it lasted for days not hours like everyone else. Due to them getting sick it delayed their trip home by a day, my brother is still not completely better. So after throwing out all the wrapping paper and trash from all the gifts we brought out the Lysol and disinfected like crazy…

We ll had a great time and enjoyed being together. All the sick will only make us remember Christmas 2007 more than others, unfortunately for the not so great reasons.

So here is to the upcoming New Year…lots of good health and happiness!


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