What a klutz!

I have been known to be a huge klutz. I trip on flat ground all the time. Oddly enough when running or on a non flat surface I have perfect balance. I also have clumsiness in the kitchen all the time. However I have rarely tripped on the stairs without assistance. I remember a few times in Jr. high when my older sister thought it would be funny to make me fall…

But anyway last night I busted big time! I was walking down the steps holding to the rail and boom, my feet went up and I landed on my back and fell down 5 or 6 stairs. My lower back aches and I have a nice rash from bad carpet burn. However, it feels more like I should have a huge black bruise. It was so uncomfortable to sleep last night, I would move and it would hurt more. My clothing only irritates it and sitting against anything is not pleasant. Just what I need now. This on top of pregnancy issues and horrible allergies.

At the rate I am going by the time my oldest hits pre-teen I will be a full blown basket case….I forget more things, I can’t sleep or keep up with laundry which it all creates anxiety that I twirl my hair way too much. In fact, I think I have given myself carpal-tunnel. The twirling annoys me but I can’t stop, it is like a pacifier to a baby.


1 Response to “What a klutz!”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    January 22, 2008 at 10:06 AM

    I’m so sorry! Adding anything to pregnancy stinks!! Don’t feel alone, though, since I fall ALL THE TIME!!! I have fallen on the ice 6 times in the last month – flat on my back! And that was in my hiking boots trying to be careful! I fall down the stairs on a regular basis. In fact, when we interviewed in San Jose, we were at Carrie’s house, and I fell down the stairs in front of everyone! Amazing that they hired us! I actually do better when I’ve been drinking. Each margarita seems to improve my balance a little more!

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