Damn Cardinal

About 3 weeks ago this lovely little cardinal started pecking our bedroom windows. At first it was for a lil bit in the morning but his timing was like an unwanted alarm clock on the weekends. He would only visit a few days a week at first then it came to be every weekend morning from 6:45 am until 8 pm. He traveled between our 4 windows pecking them over and over. He has got to have a persistent headache by now.

We placed small stuffed animals in the window sills inside hoping it would scare him off…it only worked for a few hours….

So last weekend J made tack strips to put on the outside window sills. Ya know a board with the sharp end of nails through it. Well the tack strips only worked for 2 days. The damn cardinal is back pecking our windows and standing on the tack strips….does he not feel the nails under his feet?

He is coming close to the end of his life. In the research that J has done on how to get rid of an annoying cardinal I am not sure we have much choice but to send him to birdie heaven. If you catch one and drive it somewhere else and set him free they can find their way back home up to 50 miles away. We don\’t want to place a fake owl in the trees or window because we don\’t want to scare away all the other birds who mind their own business.

He must love our room or he longs to be an inside birdie…unless he is completely a basket case from all the head banging on our windows.


1 Response to “Damn Cardinal”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    April 18, 2008 at 6:11 PM

    When Carson was a baby, there was a mockingbird that would sit right outside of my front door. Each time I would walk out the door, the mockingbird would swoop down and attack Carson in his carrier. Finally, Rowland had to take a pellet gun and kill the damned thing! He felt awful, but we both decided, “Oh, well, one less idiot in the world!!”

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