Well I went to the doctor on Tuesday for my regualr check up…. I am measuring 4 weeks early! By date I am 32 weeks along but by size 36 weeks along. I have an ultrasound on May 6 to see how the baby is positioned and if the size is all baby or a lot of fluids. I do find it odd on the chance I am actually 36 weeks that I don’t have my ultrasiound till 39 weeks. I suppose they figure since all has gone well that I can wait till then, becasue if my date is correct there is no need to rush it. Of course I am hoping for my measurements to be on target That would give me a May 11 due date which is Mother’s Day and Emily’s Day. That sounds like a great day!! Will keep you posted.

Now for that damn cardinal….well we called animal control and they just can’t help us. Although they did say they have received several calls about the same issue all over town. Not much we can do but apparently if we catch it they said to make sure we have on nice thick gloves because they can bite the heck out of you.


1 Response to “Updates!”

  1. 1 Em
    April 21, 2008 at 3:43 AM

    Well, well!!!!! Either day obviously works for me…. Emily’s Day or May 26!!! We will share! It will be so great. That is very exciting. I guess I better get busy with my sewing!
    The cardinal chronicles are hilarious!

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