Strange Days at the Swartz Home

The strange things always happen when J is gone. Normalcy is NOT part of the agenda when I am doing the single mom thing… the strange things can be something with the kids, dogs, me, house, a bill, or some other random thing I don’t have time to deal with or would like that extra support that J is when home.

So he left on Monday morning and by Monday afternoon Hannah had a weird looking rash on her legs and by this AM is was all over and her wrists and ankles were swollen. I had friends, one being a nurse, look at her yesterday called the on call doctor and we were on a regiment of oral and topical benedryl and cortisone for all the itchiness. I was certain it had to have come from the park we spent 2 hours at Monday morning. Oh and she buried herself in the pebbles at the park so the thought of her laying in a nest of something was freaking me out. Not ot mention I was worried whatever it is was contagious and that the someone else would get it.

Anyway the poor child was miserable and by this AM she did not look better and we had new spots. So off to see the doc after dropping 2 or the 4 off at a friends house. Well we spent 2 hours at the docs office…most of that time doing tests, and lots of looking at her spots and discussing with colleagues what could this be because it looked like a few illnesses and no one wanted to misdiagnose.

Well it turns out (unless she gets another symptom) that she is allergic to penicillin and her rash is a horrible reaction. She was on meds last week for a double ear infection and thus she is know polka dotted and itchy. It seems that allergy runs in the family, my mom and I are both allergic as well.

So for about 10 days she must stay in doors, feet propped up, take a steroid and benedryl and not itch! What fun… I sure hope she gets better sooner…

And as far as J he is home now, he took an earlier flight due to the circumstances and to help deal with the strange incident. We’ll just wait and see what the next ordeal will be when he has to travel again.


1 Response to “Strange Days at the Swartz Home”

  1. 1 Em
    June 26, 2008 at 2:10 AM

    send her to me, we can recover together!!! I am going to get Jackson to take a pic of my shoulder to post.

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