WOW! She is 7 now!

My first baby turned 7 on Wednesday. I just cannot believe it. I don\’t feel like I should have a 7 year old. (Some days I don\’t feel like I have 4 kids) Suppose I am aging well…

This year Taylor planned her party. She made the invite list, helped do the evite, picked out party ware and goodie bag stuff, help put the bags together and designed her cake for J to make. This is the first party I had little involvement in. It was a learning process for me to let go a bit and let her step in.

Well, I did not realize until the middle of the party that there were only boys at the party. It did not hit me that only one girl was on the invite list(she was out of town Wednesday so she could not make it). When I read the list, sent out the evite, printed names on goodie bags it did not even cross my mind that everyone that was going to be coming for her party were boys. It all sunk in when I saw them all line up on the side of the pool to jump in together. Of course I was so struck by the realization that I did not get a picture of it and I regret it big time now. It was worth 1000 words…they were all so cute and having fun. During cake time one boy asked her why she had no girls at the party and Taylor replied \”Because I just love all you guys!\” A roar of laughter came form the parent section.

It was a good party and you could tell each boy was a real friend with Taylor and they did not just come to be at a party. With her bday in the middle of summer I figure anyone that shows up to a party then really loves being her friend. I learned a few things about my big girl while chatting with the moms. One mother works at her school and she told me that Taylor had mentioned to her several times that her son \”was just so cute!\” I also learned that the boys don\’t see Taylor as a girly girl. We see her as that at home with all her accessories etc… but her boys see another side at school I suppose. I guess that at this age if a girl is paling around with a bunch of boys playing football on the recess field that she can\’t be too girly!

It was a great day that we ended with a family dinner at Joe\’s Crab Shack. We are going to get our lil girls ears pierced to topp off the week.


1 Response to “WOW! She is 7 now!”

  1. 1 Em
    July 29, 2008 at 4:19 AM

    ALL boys!!! That’s my girl! I can’t wait to see ya’ll. SOON!!!!!!

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