My handsome and adorable son is teaching us everyday all the new things he can do. Of course, I do believe he had no intention of letting us know…I am sure he is crushed now that we are on to him.

Joshua is a precious and smart lil man. He is very polite and asks for help all the time with most everything he does. He just wants someone to be involved with him. He has never shown interest in peeling his own banana, however, the other night when I told him no more food because we brushed our teeth and are going to bed he was not too pleased. Me, I never worried about it, he can\’t peel one anyway. Yet, low and behold a couple minutes later I see him eating one (and I know for sure the girls did not peel it) he was eating it with his back to me as if I would not see him.

Now for the Ziploc baggies. He has always wanted someone to open and close them for him. Again, no worry there on my part. Yet as the above picture shows he can, in fact, open them all by himself. See, the bag of marshmallows he is eating was in a Ziploc bag. Yet he has plopped himself right down in the pantry to eat the marshmallows. Just before I took this picture he was sitting there with such a great smile and so much delight and happiness in his eyes…then he saw mom watching him. He was crushed and cried \”no mommy no!\” It is just sad to break his lil heart but I can\’t have him go and eat a bag of marhmallows.


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