My new red shoes…

I have new running shoes and can you believe they finally made them in red?! I am so excited to have these…

I actually needed them badly. I had been running too long in my old ones. I paid for it too! Well, it was only part of the problem. I have been out for a little over a week to due to horrendous case of shin splints. Thanks to poor shoes and basically starting over in running since having Mercie I did a number on my legs. In what I thought was \”normal\” aches due to running again were actually the shin splints but I kept on running and finally stopped and went to my sports doc after my ankle swelled up and I had bruising on my calves.

So for 10 days of no running but special exercises and ice massage I think I am good to go come Monday morning. The only down side is how slow I have to start… my first day I can only do 1 mile, then the next 1.5 miles and so on with .5 mile increments each run if my legs are feeling great. This will be a challenge for me. But I am determined not to get injured again and be well prepared for the half in February.


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