Did not have my A game today!

Aren't they nice?My new red boots!I woke up late today, as you know from my earlier post, I should have taken my cue form that…do not try to do anything extra today. Yet, I did not listen and I was anxious to get my red boots.

So on our way to a play date I thought I would go to Cavendars and quickly pick them up. However, Joshua wanted to play. He played…push Merice & the strolloer around, run into clothing racks. Play hide and seek in the jeans, push Merice away from mommy so she cannot see mommy and gets upset and cries…then I go to pay and here comes Joshua is a big, black cowboy hat yellin’ “Getty up, mommy I am a cowboy, bang, bang, bang!” I try to encourage him to put it up and say we will come back with daddy to get hats then in the attempt to put it away stacks of hats come crashing down…so there I am tryin to clean up and run back to the register to finish the tracnsaction…I am sure the gals at the counter thought I was the mom who had no control and had lost her marbles.
Ok receipt in hand, Joshua ready to go and there he bolts for the door…I take off after him with stroller and baby and get him in the car where he canot get away. I was so gald that quick errand was over and so happy I had my boots, or so I thought.
I then here, “hey lady!” as I look back there is the clerk running through the parking lot with my boots, sayin “you may want these!” Heck yeah I do…
It felt like an eternity to grab my boots, so much happend and all yet only 10 minutes had passed. Life with a 3 year old boy is grand!
Then we were off to our play date…and all was well until spinning class and my boy screamed for 30 minutes when I dropped him off in the kids zone! (he never does that) Oh the joys…
Still can’t find that nanny of mine!


1 Response to “Did not have my A game today!”

  1. May 22, 2009 at 5:56 PM

    Love the red boots!!! And I’m still looking for my nanny, too!

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