And we said “we would never….



…get a gaming system.” But we have.

We did say we would never own one and we said that because we have witnessed horrible behaviour from others who have one, we have seen horrible fighting about it and we know that personally we can get tuned into a game tune out the world. All great reasons to never own one. 

So I must explain. This was not a got sucked in thing, not a weak moment thing, not a give in. We thought long and hard about it and have made very clear rules with it and have no problem getting rid of it if it turns into an object of fighting or obsession.

J & I love to play games and we play games as a family…then there is guitar hero. We have played this with friends and family and have had a BLAST! So for adding some more fun into our Friday Family Fun nights we bought the Wii. We would love to play guitar hero as a family and we got the Wii for the Wii sports. Although, we do not have guitar hero yet, we plan to get it when we can…in the mean time we will enjoy the sports and add on Wii fit. But any other games we will not own…we see no point of owning games that are not active and involve multiple people. Plus, we have gone this long w/o any electronic gaming system so we know we can live without it and are happy to pack it up or give it back if needed.

So if you are like us and said you would never own one but wish you had one now and again here are a few good rules and reasons to get one.


1. Use only with permission.

2. You must play nice, not be bossy, rude or disrespectful.

3. No sore losers allowed.

4. Device is only for Family Fun Nights.

5. Device does NOT take place of outside play, reading, toys, or crafts.


1. You can have a great time as a family.

2. Good rainy day activity.

3. Setting rules and following them teaches your children discipline.

4. Playing games like guitar hero can create hilarious, fun and great memories to last a lifetime!

Having fun and creating memories is our top priority so when it no longer serves that purpose I am sure it will go away!


2 Responses to “And we said “we would never….”

  1. 1 Amy
    May 24, 2009 at 10:56 AM

    Our excitement was pretty short lived. We got it for Christmas, but there just seems to be so many other things to do that we really don’t play it that often.
    The kids love it of course when we do play it, but since they also have to turn in a checker (something they have to earn) to play it, they usually choose computer over the Wii.
    Our family favorite is baseball. We laugh everytime we play that…I love tricking Mark with a killer pitch when he thinks it’s a sissy throw coming up.
    I think you all will enjoy it too!

  2. 2 Emily
    June 1, 2009 at 2:36 AM

    playing wii tennis with children is way more fun…. especially when they know the “only left hand aunt emily rule”! Seriously, ya’ll are going to love wii fit! The hula hoop is the best!

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