Emily’s 40th Birthday Week

I was so excited to hear Emily had decided to come spend her 40th birthday with us. She said…”There is no better place to celebrate your birthday than at party central” The morning of her birthday she was greeted with birthday wishes, hugs and kisses 5 times before making it to the kitchen after waking up! How awesome is that?

We all have so much fun together. The boys love all the kids and they are always fun and such a big help.

So here are a few highlights from her birthday week.


What kinda party is it without decorations?


So why not dedcorate the room and bed?!


Ok, Coleman & I have way too much fun together!! Here we using the kitchen as a food lab; freezing random items. A taste test followed and everyone was a great participant.


This is what you get with a late night run to Super Target with 2 very fun teenage boys. Why walk? Only if I had my video camera because the looks and reactions we received were hilarious!!


This is Birthday Day. We went to the 2nd Street Disctrict for shopping and lunch. I just love pictures of parents and kids like this. So sweet!


Tony, Em’s main squeeze, was not able to be with her on her birthday but he sent a pretty lil gift in a beautiful blue box. Can you guess where it was from! It was a fun moment to capture, squeals, tears, smiles and laughter!


Throughout the entire day Emily received a card at random times… this is just a few of them. It was a fun way to make the birthday great and make her feel loved…plus a great idea when you are like me and cannot decide on one card!


After a wonderful dinner at Bucca we came home for cake and ice cream. No need for the lights to be on 🙂


Notice the sunscreen? Such a great thing to have for such big birthdays!! Ya don’t want to get a sunburn!  🙂


The utter excitement of receiving the entire Friends DVD collection! She had 4 presents to open and after each one Joshua  cries out “Happy Birthday” It was so awesome!


Again another great shopping trip…this time at IKEA. I must tell you pushing a buggy that goes in all directions while a 13 year old is in it a great core and inner thigh workout!

We all had such a great week. So  many fun filled days and lots and lots of laughing. What great memories we all have for a lifetime.


4 Responses to “Emily’s 40th Birthday Week”

  1. May 30, 2009 at 5:51 AM

    I want to come celebrate my 44th there!! Looks like ya’ll had a blast! Glad to know that my teenager is not the only goofy teenage boy out there!!

  2. 4 Emily
    June 1, 2009 at 2:39 AM

    it truly topped the 30th extravaganza you put in place! It was the best birthday EVER!!! I miss all of you so much! It is so quiet here without the girls and Joshua! Give them all kisses from Aunt Em please! Yourself big hugs!!!! Super party thrower!!!!!

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