My night away with some girlfriends and wild animals

I had a great night away; lots of fun in a beautiful place, great pool and awesome company. It was nice not having to do anything but I did not come back rested. Not only was I up late chatting there were wild animals living in the wall of the room Thais & I shared.



The rooting around in the wall was OK and we dealt with the noise but at 3 am we decided to get some sleep…then right on cue in perfect harmony at 5:45 am Thais and I shot up in bed trying to get the light on because we knew that the wild animal was in the bathroom and we were freaked. After a few words were expressed we both grabbed our tennis racquets and waited for the thing to come out for a beating. After several minutes Thais thought it was a good idea to throw tennis balls in the bathroom. After one went in we could have sworn the wild animal went to get it…thus increasing our fear of what the &%#$@! is it and what were we really going to do with our tennis racquet’s?

We bravely decided to go downstairs and wake up another friend. So there we were in our PJ’s and flip flops tightly gripping our racquets and in our tired, fearful, excited state rambled on about what was in our room. It was an ordeal but as 2 other gals went to check it out and be brave the wild animal was never out of the wall it just sounded as if he was…I suppose walls without insulation can make one think the wild animal had chewed a hole in the wall and got out…we never did go back to sleep. And we are now the butt of many jokes and are the source of the laughter one hears in the distance; but that is OK because those gals can sleep in that room next time.

Anyway, I had a great time hanging out in the gorgeous pool, playing some tennis…although I am not use to sprint like activity. This long distance runner really worked on her fast twitch muscles. The food was awesome and I did feel great being away even if I did not get any sleep.


The beautiful sunset on Sunset Hill.


1 Response to “My night away with some girlfriends and wild animals”

  1. June 17, 2009 at 3:52 AM

    I would have totally wigged out! No laughing here!!!

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