Hi, my name is Bronwyn and I am a addict

Addicted to Wii Fit that is. It is SOOO MUCH FUN!!

It feeds my competitive spirit like nothing else. I must be first at all things all the time with it. So far there is one activity, the Ski Jump, that I am just in 2nd place. I can’t seem to kick J out of 1st place right now. I have come close only lacking 20 meters but not there yet.

Every day is fun because I must beat the previous days scores. This could be a bad thing in the future the better I become a things. But for now I am having way too  much fun, burning a ton of calories and plus I think it is extra cross training as well.

Today I absolutely wore myself out in Super Hula Hoop. I wonder if I could become dizzy and faint from it? Hmm…guess we’ll find out one day. 🙂 But I tell ya after 60 minutes of Wii fit I feel pretty drained.

Anyway, I am sure this will only help me drop the weight that wants to hang on to me for dear life from being prego with Mercie, and shed some inches as well. I figure from my marathon training schedule, the Wii fit andmy not so happy sessions with my mean nutritionist (she is a great friend and knows I will hate her for the time being since she is keeping me so accountable as to what goes in my mouth) I will be good to go come November 15. But I hope to see GREAT results well before then. The only painful part about this is the food part. I have always eaten well, healthy but like all have had indulgences from time to time…no biggie I can cut back on sweets etc. but the picky-ness of the brand and type of cheese and beef a few other nit picky things (as I see it anyway) could get the best of me. So you might find some rantings every now & then about all that.

The truth is I can’t keep myself accountable for that right now and not a good idea to give that job to hubby. I have asked him to be extra patient and full of grace through this entire process. I am hoping once Mercie drops nursing altogether that some weight will fall off. I know my body is going to hold on since it has to feed another right now. So I am being patient and following nutritionist orders.

Ok well gotta run and get ready for Spin class tonight.


2 Responses to “Hi, my name is Bronwyn and I am a addict”

  1. 1 Emily
    June 24, 2009 at 5:52 PM

    i tried to tell you! that is all we would have done during the birthday week extravaganza!

  2. 2 Callie
    July 2, 2009 at 8:56 AM

    Super Hula is my favorite!

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