The joys of being competitive, OCD and an addict!

On my off running days I always do the Wii Fit… and usually do some everyday but an off day I can do a lot! We already know I am addicted. Tracy laughs at me all the time due to my condition…but she needs to get s sitter and come play at my house. But, she may go broke paying a sitter. Time seems to be lost when you are doing the Wii.

Earlier I chatted about my competitive behavior and having to be #1 all the time and beating my previous score.  Now my OCD has invaded my Wii Fit time… I must end on a round number for the day. For those of you who have not pare taken in the Wii Fit it keeps track of the minutes you have worked out. OK, well my round number HAS to be on the 1/2 hour mark, 30,60, etc… 30 minutes is too short for a workout so I went to the 1 hour mark but then a few things I was doing, getting carried away at trying to be #1, it pushed my time to 1 hour and some odd minute. Thus, leaving me to round it out with some Super Hula Hoop to finish at 1 hour and 30 minutes. Which I thought was good but seeing as how my goal is Super Hula Hoop was 1000 spins left and 1000 spins right not making the goal sure makes me wanna get on it again.

So there it is the battle within myself. Do I conquer the Super Hula Hoop? I don’t know how long that will take me to get to the 1000/side but knowing I have a speed workout tomorrow morning I am still debating. See, if I get on I am then on for at least 30 minutes but if my activity pushes between 30 and 60 I am going to have to stay on till at least 60 and so on I could keep going because it would create some anxiety for me not to finish on an even number and the competitiveness would drive me to beat my score….

There is no winning here, well not in that way but the weekly appointments with my wicked witch of a  nutritionist and the oh so fun weigh in I could be a real winner there! Lord, help me if I am not because what will next week look like?!


2 Responses to “The joys of being competitive, OCD and an addict!”

  1. 1 Amy
    June 26, 2009 at 11:42 AM

    I tried the wii fit at my friends house yesterday and LOVED it! I was horrible at the soccer ball to the head one…kept getting a cleat in the face…not good.
    I’m gonna have to get me one of these!

  2. 2 Bronwyn
    June 26, 2009 at 12:59 PM

    I don’t like the soccer one either… but so many other fun things to do! Y’all will LOVE it! The Wii fit is why we ever bought a Wii to begin with.

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