Today is so blog worthy!

Well today is just a normal day in our house…well what is normal really. The office is now in the bedroom and J is laying new floor in the office. This leaves my house a complete wreck all which makes me twitch in weird ways as I prefer cleanliness and organization.

Anyway, all the dust from ripping out the original floor got me all itchy and my allergies are going crazy. I woke up not feeling great but took some meds and went on with my day. I was tired but figured it was all due to the medicine head. Costco, needed to be visited today to replenish all the huge amounts of food my family of 6 eat. Well I left the house and I was halfway to church which is in the opposite direction of Costco before I realized I was going the wrong way. So I turned around and again proceeded to get on the wrong road. Fun times…

Eventually I made it to Costco. I did my shopping and was feeling rather warm, infact I was not really cold or chilly when I entered into the refrigerated produce section. Then I started sweating and it hit, I think I have a fever. Then I was drenched in sweat. It was pouring from my head, one would have thought I just got back in from a run in this 104 degree heat. I so neededa towel, not to dab but to wipe away the tremendous amounts of moisture pouring from my body and dry myself off. When the sweating stopped I felt better…I got home and took a long nap and woke up starving! Odd, no idea what I got. However, shopping while feverish can be dangerous, just as dangerous and driving while feverish. I came home with over $30 worth of Carne Asada beef. What was priced at $5.99/pound I read at $5.99/package.  Good thing we love fajitas around here and that family is coming to town in a lil over a week.

Later on at dinner we had to have the “Do not put anything in your underwear or anyone elses’ underwear chat” with our children. In telling them that nothing goes in underwear except your own bottom Joshua pipes up and says “And poops too!” Trying to bite our tongues to say the appropriate parent response was hard while trying to swallow so food does not fly out as we try not to laugh out loud proved to be a challenge, but we succeeded in not LOL, spitting food or choking but to reinforce that nope, the poop goes in the potty. The fun we will have later when talking with our children about the things we had to discuss at dinner. Sounds like a good topic for when boyfriends are over 🙂 

Fun times are had around here daily!

Well I am ready for bed I just need to convince everyone else they are ready for bed too!


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