Today we went to a friends house to play. She lives in the Volente area. I just love the drive out there. The roads are windy and hilly. I cranked up some good dance music and let the pedal hit the floor. The kids were jammin right along with me and lovin the drive just as much. It takes about 30 minutes to get out there…we had a fun drive!

DSC03474It makes me think of the time I rented a sports car for J’s birthday and we spent the day riding through the Santa Cruz mountains. We had a picnic lunch off some road on the side of a hill over looking San Jose. It was beautiful. We went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant and then spent a wonderful, chilly summer evening on wee windy, two lane roads in the mountains going fast and chasing the wind. That was a fun day, Very relaxing as we forgot about life, the world around us, and we acted as if we were the only two around. DSC03477



That time made me think of when I was a kid and we lived in Virginia. We would spend weekends driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Not sure if my dad really drove fast but to a child all the tight curves and hills were exciting. Mom would pack a picnic and we’d find a cool place by a creek, eat, play in the water and have a great day. The autumn was even better. We’d drive up there to an apple orchard, pick apples, sip fresh hot cider and make a day of the mountian. I loved those times and want to create those memories with my kids. I loved to roll up my pants legs, take off my shoes and walk over slippery rocks in the creek. We would wear ourselves out and have a great nap on the way home.


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