So have your kids done this?

kids do and say the darnedest things…and the grossest things.

Having 3 over the age of 3 and one more who is just exploring her world I have had a good bit of yuck factors. Joshua was having one of those yuck moments last night and it got me thinking of all the times my kids have grossed me out.

*Pooping in the tub

*Playing with the poop in the tub

*Handing me the poop

*Eating the dog food

*Drinking the dogs water

*Eating tan bark

*Picking up an old beer can and taking a sip

*Eating trash or cig butts they find on the ground

*Picking their nose

*Eating boogers

*Painting the bathroom with poop

*Drinking toilet water

*Licking the bottoms of shoes

*Sucking on toes

*And more i am sure I have blocked from my memory. for my own sanity

I am sure there is more to come and as gross as all these are, some worse than others, you know your kids have done the same thing and maybe some my kids have not…so share some of your yuck factors.

As always it is a fun and exciting journey having kids, some days good, some are bad and there is always something new.


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