Growing Pains

I think growing up is harder on the parents. The pains I am talking about aren’t letting go and being sad that they are not babies. That is hard and makes me sad if I think about that; but the pains are the discipline, the though lessons. Albeit frustrating it is painful to watch your child struggle through learning lessons.

Taylor is stubborn, thinks she can get away with stuff. She thinks she is big and grown and can be bossy. These issues all rolled into one is what we have been battling FOREVER. Karate was taken away ALL summer due to this. She got to go back yesterday after a talk about lessons learned from J and I and then her instructor….but this afternoon there we were again talking to her about her dishonesty and meanness to her siblings.  AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

This is painful. I know it is part of life and nessecary but come on…is there a light at the end of this dark, painful, seemingly endless tunnel of a phase? I want to fully enjoy her, she is fun and loving and is a big help but when we are constanly struggling with her it is hard and dissappointing.


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