When shopping with a nutritionist…

This weekend was tax free weekend, so Tracy & I went shopping for school clothes… what a sucess. I got so much stuff for 2 of my kids and some for the other too and spent so little. Anyway that is a post within itself, the deals on tax free weekend during a slow economy are awesome!

During our adventures we ended up at Target. I debated to myself whether or not to pick up an item I needed & wanted. But given the fact I did not want to have to go out again I choose to take my chances getting a new FRYER while shopping with Tracy 🙂
It is not like I could hide it from her and well J & I were just dtying to make chicken wings, and my fryer broke awhile back. Now, I know they could have been cooked in the oven but come on people, those who love wings know THEY CANNOT be cooked in the oven. plus there are many more wonderful foods one can make in a fryer.
So there I was checkin out the fryer’s while Tracy watched, laughing and telling me how much she cannot believe I was buying one.
“Well”, I told her, “I am a southern girl and I cannot live wthout fried chicken.” However, I did keep my thoughts to myself after she said “that’s fine….once a year is not bad.”

I suppose if she were to partake in the glorious, wonderful, dinner on Thanksgving with us I would either need to make 2 turkeys or she would have to bring her own.


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