How is the swine flu spread?

This is how! 

I love checking out this site but after seeing this today I was shocked a bit. People really think this is a great idea for a kids party? Serioulsy? I am not a complete germaphobe but sharing food is a no no. Sharing food like this is absolutly horrifying!!

Ok, well I thought I would share so you too can stare at your screen in amazement like I did.


1 Response to “How is the swine flu spread?”

  1. 1 G.G.
    August 27, 2009 at 9:01 AM


    Just read the blog and your new floors look great. I know you must be happy that it is finished.

    Yes, there are many emotions when the youngsters go to school and/or back to school. However, as you will learn, these are really the EASY ones to get through! Don’t mean this as discouragement, I’d never do that, just a “heads up” for the future. (‘course, you wouldn’t know about that, would you?)

    It was so good of you to come to GA, quite a thrill and huge surprise! Tell J I really appreciate his taking care of the little ones so you could be with us.

    Events are beginning to shape up here for the Fall and it promises to be VERY BUSY–again; however, I would have it no other way.

    Love to you all,

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