not so much my baby boy anymore…

Joshua started preschool today. He has been so excited to go to school. I am glad he is so excited. But today, I cried. It was hard for me. He did not seem to care when I was giving him a hug goodbye. He was having fun playing and I got no kiss or hug back, so I cried. I get teary thinking about it now. *Sigh* It is hard when they leave you for a bit and someone else plays with them, teaches them and gets most of their day. I love date nights but miss putting them to bed when we are gone.

I have already told J that when Mercie goes to school he HAS to take the entire day off and he better have so many special things planned for me so my sadness, misery and heartache do not consume me. He has ample warning time so no excuses.

I like that my kids are independent. I am glad they are not those children that cannot separate. I don’t think I can handle that but it is sad that they are so willing to go away from me. If I did not say “hug me bye” they would not do it much…

Enjoy the handsome pictures of my very, happy and sweet boy!




1 Response to “not so much my baby boy anymore…”

  1. 1 Amy
    August 27, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    Wow! I know I just saw him in June but he already looks bigger! I teared up this morning when I got Chloe out of bed and sat holding her for my morning cuddles. It crossed my mind that those moments won’t last forever and it made me so sad.
    I feel your pain girl!

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