We’re married…

In kinder Hannah had a great friend, Grayson. He is at a new school this year. It was sad to know some of her friends would have to go to the new school…well earlier this week Hannah had a play-date with Grayson. It was fun, they are both very active and can almost wear each other out.

Over the summer Grayson bought Hannah a ring. Ya know the lil gift shop $1 type rings. He told his mom he was gonna ask Hannah to marry him, that he loved her. Very cute lil kid thing. When Grayson came over he pulled out the ring and told Hannah he got it for her and it was real gold and diamonds. Hannah was amazed, in awe of her real gold and diamond ring. She wore it that day and at night she put it in her jewelry box and then put the box under her pillow. To keep it safe!

Anyway the play-date was your normal play-date, lots of running, imagining and being loud. Graysons mom came to get him and during goodbyes he hugged Hannah tight and placed a kiss right on her lips. She was a picture of the iconic movie shots after the dreamy boy kisses the smitten girl. I on the other hand along with Grayson’s mom was left speechless. Hannah was on cloud 9 all night, saying “we’re married now mom, we kissed on the lips.” I of course, explained you have to be old to get married and just because you kissed does not mean you are married. I got the “you & dad kiss on the lips and you are married”  So I just resorted to no lip kissing allowed, house rule!

Oh gees! I obviously don’t want my lil ones going around kissing boys and such but I do remember my first boyfriend….Andy Boggs…. we went to the same church and same school until 2nd grade, then he moved away. I remember, shared dinners, play-dates and kisses too. Oh boy…now I am on the other end of all that. Maybe I should keep a heart doc on call and a therapist.


2 Responses to “We’re married…”

  1. 1 Emily
    August 29, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    Wes Banks…. kindergarten… CHURCH kindergarten! They called my mother! I remember that first kiss…. and ya’ll know how old I am!!!!!


  2. September 2, 2009 at 10:11 AM

    At least you don’t have to worry about her dating any “bad boys.” She’s already married!!! No divorce allowed!

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