Merry Christmas

If I can get my act together I will have my Christmas shopping done by Halloween. This will make me SO EXCITED! I spent my morning surfing the web for cool, new, fun things and came across some great finds. I found some craft kits you can purchase and make some really meaningful gifts. Craft is a bad word to describe this because they look great and not crafty but artistic. Anyway, most kits are under $20, many $10 or less. So I made my list and am checking it twice! I already ordered 2 gifts and a few things for myself. I cannot wait to get started.

Here is where I would naturally tell you all about my great finds, website etc. but there are some who will be receiving these great gifts and I won’t spoil their surprise. However, you may email me and I will reply back with the great things you too will love. Obviously, if you are my parent or sibling I WILL NOT share with you so don’t bother asking. Oh, and for those that received an earlier email from me I am not talking about that particular find….

Now only if I could get motivated to start making Mercie’s stocking. I don’t want to be pulling all nighters after the marathon to get it done in time. Although, that is my history with these wonderful but oh so time consuming stockings I have made for the rest of my family.


1 Response to “Merry Christmas”

  1. 1 Emily
    September 11, 2009 at 7:02 AM

    well, aren’t you just the little elf!
    Seriously, I need an assistant! I need to get all my decorating stuff “organized”!!!!!
    I actually had the lady at Richtex ask me if I was a tax exempt person…. immediately sent Tony and email and told him to get on that…. find out how I can be!!!! I mean really, wouldn’t that be cool!
    I do love to say I am decorating a house!!!!! I have been thinking about your living room too!!!!!
    We will talk!
    Also the girls room. Are you painting it too? Color??? I have the email with the blankets on my phone. I am hoping to get to Hancocks this weekend!!!!

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