A peak inside…random out loud thoughts

There seems to be so much is going on but my to do list it short. Some things I am not motivated to start on, like the time consuming stocking for Mercie. Other things I want to complete because they are so much fun to work on and I want to see the end project but I don’t have all I need to finish them, it will come over time. My mind is just crazy busy, so many thing I am thinking about, creating and working on.

Mercie looks so much bigger, toddler years are fast approaching.

Can’t believe how fast I destroy not only running shoes but the insoles I need. Insoles I buy are suppose to last through 3 pairs fo shoes but they are lasting through only 1 pair.

Can I fast forward time? I really want the next month to fly by for me.

I am working on THE BEST party favor ever! So excited about it and cannot wait till the event.

Certain conversations, comments and a class I am taking are awakening parts of me…it is kinda uncomfortable but I am realizing why I am the way I am and trying to love me for me.

Mercie’s hair is NOT staying dark. I am having a hard time accepting this. This could cause me to grieve deeply and mourn a huge loss.

Frustrated but suppose I need to learn to accept that since Mercie was born in June 2008 I have only lost 7 pounds. Do you know how horrible that is to type, say out loud? Can’t even tell you how I feel about that…no words. Working with a nutritionist, running and working out 5 days a week, running a half marathon in February and training to run a full marathon in November yet only 7 pounds in 15.5 months?!?!

Frustrated with the lack of sitters and the time consuming efforts to find new ones…need a long list of people to call.

I need fall to feel like fall. I am sorry but 80 degrees is NOT fall. Fall is a season I can wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt and my comfortable, not sweat. fall is a crisp, coolness to the air that leaves you craving soup and hot cider.

Some on FB annoy me. Not sure how they accomplish anything in a day when all the do is post…cleaning house, making lunch, working out, etc….I don’t feel closer to you or feel I know you any better. If you are gonna tell me what you are doing make it interesting. Post pics, what are you creating, what problem are you trying to solve. etc…otherwise just post random, ridiculous info.

Ok well not that you really need to know or desired to read what runs through my head….I need to go and accomplish some things or get side tracked on a cool creative project.


1 Response to “A peak inside…random out loud thoughts”

  1. 1 Emily
    September 23, 2009 at 3:30 PM

    i post pictures most of the time!

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