Consumed with a goal

OK people 6.5 weeks till marathon day! Have you been following my marathon blog? If not check it out here! I have spent a bit more time over there lately as it is gettin to be crunch time in my training schedule. I have been more focused on the race…trying to stay healthy and injury free and stay motivated. It has been a bit time consuming.

Anyway, I am trying not to let life fall by the way side and become unrecognizeable…today I was able to cross off many things on my mommy & wife lists. Made the several Dr. appointments that need to take place…trying to catch up on laundry but with laundry  for 6 I am a bit buried. We are painting a wall this weekend and hopefully finishing our baseboards. Plus I have a few craft projects I need to get knocked out and out for display. And, I am sure I need to download pictures and get them organized. Then there is the shopping list, everything from food and toiletries to things for our annual dinner party and for race weekend and I need some new clothes. 

Such is life… I need a housekeeper  so I can just do the other stuff and not feel drained and miserable by the end of the day…hubbie being away is not fun either and my kids act like heathens when he is gone so my week has been on so great!

Ok…my break is over…off to the laundry room and then to the kitchen!


1 Response to “Consumed with a goal”

  1. 1 Emily
    September 30, 2009 at 7:41 PM

    hello! you could have gotten stung my yellow jackets… the popular question is… how many stings did you get? I don’t know… my fingers were swollen instantly….. I didn’t ask questions.
    Then today after mean Erin Fowler made me go to Urgent care to get a shot…. that turned into TWO shots….. seriously, what does a tetnus shot have to do with yellow jackets????? I had to go for my dye contrast MRI……. holy crap! The pain!!!!!!!!
    You just keep running girl!!!!! I love you and totally support you!!!!

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