Training is complete!

In February I ran a half marathon, it was my second. Since June 1 I have been training for a full marathon, 26.2 miles. It got brutal at times with the TX heat and some medical/health junk, a traveling hubbie and 4 lil ones. But today is a big day! This was my 3rd attempt to train and run a full marathon, pregnancies and injuries have been my roadblocks….again today is a big day. I have completed my training and I am healthy, strong, not pregnant and so ready for this! Here is my post from my training blog for those that do not visit that. I am so excited, proud of myself and cannot wait for Sunday that I had to add the same blog entry here too!

This morning at 5:30 am marked my last marathon training day. Tracy and I met up and had a short easy run together. We discussed how we think Sunday will be, how it will go and just got excited for the experience and time away as girls, friends and runners.

Race starts at 7:30 am Sunday morning. All you cheerleaders get up wherever you are cheer for us, pray for us….no injuries, great and fun run and quick. I just want the time to pass and not feel long. I will be txt’ing some after race so make sure those phones are charged and in hand. I would like to think that around 12:00, hopefully before I cross the line. I am being real conservative with my time since the weather will be warm. I know how great my time is when it is a lot cooler and I am hoping for an early finish then 12:00. But we will see. Either way I HAVE arrived here on my 3rd attempt to run a full marathon and  I WILL cross that finish line!!!!


Happy Running!!!!!


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