Table of plenty and airing out all the dirty laundry

What a week. It was a great week but I did not realize how worn out I was until yesterday afternoon. After church I crashed hard and fast for a 2 hour nap and was in bed by 9 pm as well.

Tuesday morning Joshua woke us up at 1:30…he had thrown up in bed and that was the beginning of the sick. He slept with us the rest of the night….by Wednesday night Mercie was sick but hers was short-lived with only 1 episode. Joshua was not better until Thursday. So we had an extra sleeping partner with us each night. The nice lil bug was brought from MS…J got sick on Thursday and Saturday night I had a very mild case of it and I think some germs traveled back to Abilene….

Despite a lil stomach bug we had a great week. Lots of food and fun. Here is the spread we cooked up for Turkey day….

the red pitcher you see is the gravy boat…yup you need a pitcher to hold the gravy for 16 people.

Having 10 extras around and all the trash that comes with it has left us with a bit of a problem. Trash & recycle pick up is not until Wednesday…how crazy and sad is this next shot? The can was empty less than a week ago. The recycle however was half full since they only pick up bi-weekly.

We have smashed and pushed and shoved….

And oh the joys of all the work after a holiday filled with lots of company…I am not a lover of doing laundry. I do it because it is a necessity…. I wonder how long I will put this off? Because when I look at it I can’t help but walk away. A week of not doing laundry for a family of 6 plus extra guests is not recommended.


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