On Dec. 3 I went to the Pioneer Woman book signing here in town! I was so excited…so much so that when I got up there to chat with her I was kinda speechless…was just too excited I could not even chit chat…can you imagine me having that issue? Anyway since then I have been stalking her blog to see what she posts about her experience here in Austin. And there is nothing… whats up with that?

So I am my curious and goofy self so I emailed her about that…..will keep you posted…oh and I do have a picture with her and my dear friend Kati so I hope to post that as soon as Kati emails it over to me….

Sure hope I did not sound cranky in my email.

So glad we went. I had a great night with Kati and I was able to make my great friend Thais super happy with a signed book. She was unable to attend and got my sis her Christmas gift….no worries she totally know about it so I am not spoiling anything here.


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