My day!

Well I woke up right when I needed to be waking the girls…not good. And I hear this conversation…

Hannah: What you did not sleep in bottoms, just panties?!

Taylor: Mom does..ya know I am getting older and I need to start doing more stuff like mom.

WOW! Of all the things she chooses to do like me right now. The cleanliness, helping others, organization not as important as what you wear to bed obviously!

Most of the rest of the day I was high on spray paint fumes. Getting stuff done for the room makeover Christmas gift to the girls. It keeps getting bigger and I need to STOP! I bought desk accessories & chairs and painted those. Then I got cute words (dream, laugh, smile, love, live etc) for the walls and big 1st initials as well. And that is just the not planned stuff. curtains, duvet covers, shams and pillows are all coming, custom made…we have sparkly curtains rods, cute trash can and big circles for the walls. It is going to be a fun and funky room! I will send you the link to my designer’s site when it is ready. (The site is currently under construction!) I still need bulletin boards, which I am having a hard time finding….

And I can see my laundry room again. Yesterday due to some bug issues we had to wash the ENTIRE house….I have 5 loads left. Yes, that is a small amount in comparison to what yesterday looked like.

The stocking is slowly coming along. I finished a piece of it yesterday that only took me 6 hours total to do …. and I mean a small piece. I had hand cramps. Hopefully the other parts go a bit faster…..

Well off to bed so I can get up and have a great run in the morning!


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