Joshua’s plans

My older sis and my brother and their families got to spend time with my parents over Christmas. During their visit they planned out a summer trip for all of us. A camping trip across country to Seattle where my lil sis lives. That means our suburban, mom and dads van, and 15 people on the road to sleep in tents and around a 3 week trip.

I was telling J this the other day and obviously my lil man heard me because at lunch today he said he wanted to go camping….”mom we can roast big marshmallows, say our prayers outside, see all the stars, play checkers and have fun family time.” (don’t forget he is 3…) he kept on going with the plans and I was blown away by how much thought he put into this and how detailed he was about all we would do.

So 10 minutes later Mercie is fussing and I pick her up and ask ” what is your fuss all about” Joshua replies…

“mom I really think she really wants my papa and mimi. she really needs them and she misses them and I really think she wants them and Uncle Bubbie to go on the big camping trip with us.”

So there ya have it…Josh planned all the details an activities for us and believes Mercie told him who just had to be there….

If we ever do a trip like this I just hope eating dinner at an Olive Garden or Steakhouse is in order, just not sure me eating out of cans is gonna work…I would settle for grilling food. I am sure a trip like this would be very memorable and fun full of lots of positives and megatives…we are with each other they way we were in younger days and we enjoy being sarcastic and at times rude and always very funny together…. I think we all enjoy that. The spouses however don’t really agree with that most of the time. And we love giving mom and dad a hard time and making mom freak out…but in the end we are all usually laughing.


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