Wanna be desk….

This is my wanna be kitchen desk. Let’s look at this area for the moment. To the left is the entry to the hall way and to the right is the pantry. But right in the middle stands a cabinet and small counter area. What am I suppose to do with this space? It is not a convenient place to put an appliance. We tried the phone here and it just wasn’t working for us. It is like they wanted to tease you with a desk area in the kitchen. The upper cabinets hold cookbooks and meds, the lower cabinet is small appliances and the counter becomes a catch all for, well, whatever anyone in the fam doesn’t feel like putting up. It is actually pretty clean but there are days this is covered with mail, school papers, toys and other random things.

This is the home of the junk drawer. Which I conquered today. I hate that drawer but realize it’s necessity. I hate it because it almost always looks like this…. (this was the before conquering shot)

Looks great doesn’t it? Yeah, I don’t hear the hallelujah angels when I open this drawer I hear gnashing of teeth and my muscles get all tense. Good thing it is near the pantry. I can quickly open that door and find some heavenly music playing  and relax.

Ok well I took it all out of the drawer, cleaned the drawer, dumped all contents on the table and cleaned all the bins. So let’s play Where’s waldo with all my junk since I got a kick out of seeing what was in there.

Can you find…

disposable camera’s? A Which wich bag? Keys? Christmas ornaments hooks? and cords we have no idea what they are for?

So a  few stories behind some objects. The Which Wich bag is from May. It is a reminder of Em’s 40th bday week spent here. Notice the name on the bag? Yeah, we do that crazy stuff…right ramdom odd names when placing food orders. So the name is Orange Jello but as one word, however we pronounced it “Or- on- ja- lo” That was a fun day. The keys next to it belong on my wall but I am at a loss how to hang them so they wait for my designer to get here in April.

As for the disposable cameras. Aren’t they almost extinct anyway? Well these were cameras my parents got the girls for our move to Austin so they could take pictures during our 3 day drive out here. For those of you that do not know that was in July of 2006. I know, I know bad mommy, never developing their pics. It is on my to do list now. Should be fun looking at the pictures….and those Christmas hooks, well they were buried in the drawer and due to that I had to buy more at Christmas time…I wondered where the hooks when we got all the ornaments out.

You go to what?! Cords and chargers for I have no idea…only one had a home. The one to my electric scissors. If you do not have electric scissors go out and buy some NOW! They are a must have!!!

And now we have the hallelujah choir singing in another area of my home!!


I can find everything, nothing is hidden. Everything has a place and a place for everything!

Of course, my realist of a hubbie looked at it and said “Ha, that won’t last!” Oh well, one day I will have a home that every room, cabinet and drawer will sing HALLELUJAH in unison! I just might have to wait 17 years.


3 Responses to “Wanna be desk….”

  1. 1 etcdesign
    January 30, 2010 at 7:56 AM

    The bag is so funny!!!!! I totally just had one of the best memory flashbacks ever!!!! The following day, going back to yet another Which wich, and putting birthday girl on my bag!!!! EXCELLENT!!!!!

    I WILL be there in April to do the keys and whatever else we find in between now and then…..

    Why does Jason have to be such a negative nelly???? he needs to remember to put stuff where it goes as well. Start training those girls. They are old enough to start learning! Sweet Josh is too!!!!!! We will just kiss on sweet French baby!!!!

    I think it looks great and I could hear the angels all the way here!
    Those pictures are going to be hilarious!!!!!

  2. 2 Bronwyn
    January 30, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    yes, funny pictures. I am sure we will be doing the where were we when…or what was that suppose to be? Anyway, I am glad that Josh is actually really good at putting stuff up…he is OCD that way. The girls on the other hand, our battle is their laziness….they hear it a lot I guess when i ask why they did not do_____, their reply is because I am being lazy. At least they are honest.

    • 3 etcdesign
      January 31, 2010 at 6:33 AM

      Go Josh! What would we do without our boys!!!!
      I love when the boys ask me where something of theirs is….. My HUGE thing is, whatever you use, wherever you get it…. PUT IT BACK WHEN YOU ARE DONE!!!!! Put it back where it goes… then when the next person needs it, IT IS WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!!!! Can you tell, this is a GINORMOUS thing for me!

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