me a writer!?

Since I can remember I have written, kept a journal of some kind (although not on a regular basis). I have a drawer that holds at least 5 big notebooks that is just poetry, poetry I have written. I have partially used journals I write about my most intimate thoughts and feelings. Not sure why I don’t use one completely then start a new one, but I like notebooks and I buy several.

I don’t claim to be a good or great writer. I just write because I enjoy it, it is my most comfortable way of expressing myself and processing feelings. My brother has his degree in journalism, he is a great writer. I love reading his stuff. He does not share it much but one summer he had a blog about his journey across country. That was a great read. Very powerful. I can honestly say that although I see the words in my handwriting and I see the date telling me when I wrote it, well I don’t always remember writing it down. But I can remember the feelings…

This is something I came across today while going through a journal. I believe I was concentrating on how I wanted my kids to turn out. This could have been written after a bad day and I was remembering what kind of mom I wanted to be….I have no title.

Raise them to be strong and confident.

Protect their innocence, shower them with praise, and drown them in love.

Let their spirits soar, but tame their will.

Show them love is pure and true and that loyal love is rare.

Teach them humility and kindness.

Bless them with laughter and demonstrate respect.

Fill them with confidence but erase their pride so they are not boastful.

Teach them to love and push them beyond their limits.

Keep them safe but give them a desire for strength.

Grant them freedom yet provide the soft landing.

Be all you ought to be.

Stay true to your faith.

Provide the instructions and cheer for their choices.

Stay firm to your beliefs dear child, never wavering. 

Be patient.


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