an odd cheerleader!

J is traveling this week and his mom volunteered to come stay with the kids & I to help out. I am thankful for that. Because she is here I can go out for an early morning run, not wake lil ones up to take/pick up big ones from school, I don’t have to clean the kitchen and she helps with the homework. However, there are things about her that are odd to me.

So next week I am having a surgery, a hysterectomy. When she found this out she was so excited. Went on about how great that was and said she was proud of me. Now I know a lot of that could be because she knows some of the issues I have had. But, I just do not know how to respond to the comments, thumbs up and giddiness she tends to have. Frankly, I do not have any emotion thus far one way or the other about the surgery. The other options were not options for me so this is routine and just something that needs to be done. I am not one who likes to be nursed much and I can feel uncomfortable when certain types of attention are on me. The excitement about the surgery is one of those.

Now if I was having a procedure done, like a tummy tuck, where I would lose some stretched out skin then yes bring on the cheerleaders because I am working my bootie off to be fit, healthy and loose baby stuff and some just ain’t gonna  go anywhere no matter what I do. Having 4 good-sized babies grow inside of me guaranteed that.

Suppose I will just continue to smile and nod….


2 Responses to “an odd cheerleader!”

  1. 1 etcdesign
    February 20, 2010 at 4:01 AM

    i will come when you have your tummy tuck!!!! but maybe i shouldn’t !!!! i will make you laugh and that might hurt! oh no it will hurt!!!

    next week will be fine… you will not need anyone hovering over you…. just let them do some of the things you normally do!

    then, in a couple of months, when you feel REALLY good, go, OH, that’s why I did this!!!!!

  2. 2 Bronwyn
    February 20, 2010 at 9:08 AM

    yeah I am hoping for feeling really good sooner than later. Just not liking the fact that I have no time table as to when I will feel good after surgery. I know I can’t expect to go back to my normal excercise routine until April but will I feel normal by Spring Break. Gosh I better. Not that anytime in my lie is great to have surgery but needing to be past this early, well before kids bdays and of course the beach house was a must.

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