snow day

Well today was a rare day here in Austin….we got snow. Around 1 today I measured the accumulation and it was a lil over 2″. WOW!!! When Joshua went out this morning he said Thank you God for snow! That was so sweet, he had prayed for snow a few nights ago.

The kids still had school. Joshua, Mercie and J played in the BIG snow flakes this morning. They were the size of half dollars. Then Hannah came home after her lay and her and Joshua built a snowman and they all had a snowball fight. Once Taylor got home it was snowing big flakes again and the all the neighborhood kids were out making snowman, snow angels and we all had a snowball fight. Later on we went in to sit by the fire and have hot chocolate. It was a fun day.

catching snowflakes!

he did not even take off his wet clothes before crashing!


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