staying positive!

I am not nervous about my surgery. I have a great doctor who has been good to me for 3 years! She has seen me break down in her office due to pain and when I thought I was going crazy. She has cared for me during pregnancy and delivered Mercie. She has been patient with me when I could not decided what action to take and heard my rants on some of the options. Sh understood me wanting to wait so I could achieve some personal goals. I know I am in good hands.

Yet, I am nervous a lil about tomorrow. I am nervous about recovery. So I keep telling myself that it will be effortless and quick. I will be strong by this time next week and functioning normally. And at 3-4 weeks post op I will be walking for excercise and come April I am hitting the pavement again running! I am very healthy. My doctor and endocrinologist have told me they have never seen a more healthy person and all my tests prove it. Plus I am fit and my body is strong. All this will benefit me come tomorrow and the days and weeks after.

I am only thinking positive thoughts about recovery and hoping my optimism does my body good! I am trying to keep my crazy brain from thinking pessimistic thoughts and trying to block the fear it wants to sneak in…so please if you want, when you want, email me, leave a comment here, text me, call me with happy, positive thoughts. You never know when I might need them!


1 Response to “staying positive!”

  1. 1 Aunt Gayle
    February 24, 2010 at 12:28 AM

    Best of Luck with the surgery. I’ve talked to Gary several times and he hasn’t mentioned you having surgery. What surgery are you having? Having a positive attitude and trust in your doctor are 2 very important indicators of how well you will do. Stay positive and do what you’re suppose to do and you will be fine.

    Angelique and I are going to the LSU – OLE MISS B’ball game in Oxford on March 4th. Looking forward to the game and seeing Garreth and Caley. She restarts school on March 8th and is looking forward to going forward with her life. She started counceling the 9th of February. She made the decision herself and seems to be taking it seriously.

    Darwin and I are doing fine. Matt will be spending time in Kerrville again this summer at the festival. work is keeping me very busy. Picked up an extra 9 hours this week, not counting not getting out on time and meetings.

    Take care and again Best of Luck with the surgery and recovery.

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