still trying to be good patient

I am not in much pain, well I really think that my pain tolerance is ridiculously high due to issues that led me to get the surgery, it is hard to stay put. There is nothing keeping my down. Ok, there is J telling me to park it a lot We already know TV sucks so I have been reading. Several people have brought me books and magazines and I am forced to have the time to read them. I have enjoyed it too! I am not a reader of novels. I like relevant information reading, things that will improve me and what I do and who I effect. SO I have been doing some self evaluations and taking notes. I am sure we’ll get to that later.

I have been blessed by so many people this last week. I have a secret pal who has sent things like peppermint bark..LOVE IT!, gorgeous flowers that are still alive and pretty! Oh and yesterday she sent a Dunkin Donuts gift card. LOVE HER! I am such a donut lover and since I don’t live on the MS Gulf Coast where can get Tato Nuts (these only exist in Ocean Springs and they are heaven!) Dunkin is the next best thing for me.

All but last night we had meals brought to us. YUMMY chefs are everywhere. Last night we enjoyed the leftovers. Tuesday Thais and Amy came over. This was a great day! We had a great time chatting and hanging out. It made my day, they were such a big help in many ways. I could not do anything for myself, they wanted me to stay put. As odd as it felt I am so glad they are there for me and care about my recovery and help in so many ways. Their company broke up a boring day and it is a great thing to have friends to come sit with you and bring you your coffee.

Crystal was  surprise too. She is a gymnastic mom. I only met her in September as we watched our children in their gymnastics class. We chat for an hour every Tuesday evening. It has made the time nice. This last Tuesday J had to take Hannah to class and Crystal (shes never seen or met J) hunted him down to give him a gift for me. It was 2 great books and bookmarks. How sweet is that? It amazes from time to time the impact we have on the lives of people we meet and how that then impacts us. I will be sad when gymnastics ends and our weekly chats are no more.

Now to the bad part…the source of some crankiness for me….the computer I am typing on right now is over 10 years old. Yes I have a dinosaur. It has been a great PC for the time I have had it, but, its main memory has died and so therefore it is SSSSLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOWWWW and works when it wants to. It could die for good any second. Two weeks ago J ordered me a RED laptop. I am so excited about it, well really that it is RED. It was supposed to be here today, yet when J checked on it they say by 3/11. WHAT!!! I am pissed. A whole week to wait and hope this dino does not die. Not t mention we leave town on 3/12 so there cannot be any delays.

Ok well enough for now. My favorite Dallas Cowboys padded desk chair just is not the most comfortable thing to sit in the last dew days so I must go and lay down again…


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